The Advantages of Electronic Tickets

An electronic ticket, also known as e-ticket, is essentially the electronic equivalent of a normal paper ticket. The word is most often associated with train and air public transport ticketing systems. Electronic ticketing for rail or urban public transport systems is generally known as electronic rail pass or bus pass. E-tickets are generated at stations by an electronic reader. An E-ticket has the exact same validity code as a regular ticket issued by the station.

With electronic ticketing the validating computerized signature on each ticket is of the highest possible security. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, E-tickets have no magnetic stripes. This means that if a stolen E-ticket were to be used at an ATM, such as at the bank or at the Boletaelectrónica SII pymevendor, the person would only be allowed entry into the ATM using the stolen card. Because of this reason E-tickets are much safer than magnetic stripe cards.

Electronic ticket applications allow passengers to purchase tickets online from the comfort of their homes. Many airlines now offer this service through their websites and they may also be offered at the point of sale of certain flights. Other passenger transport companies offer electronic ticket services. For instance, many limousine services now also offer online availability through their websites.

There are many advantages to purchasing your tickets online rather than at your local travel agent. First, electronic ticket applications eliminate the need for a travel agent. In most cases, passengers can buy a ticket without having to make a telephone call or send a letter to the company either to purchase or to request a return ticket. Also, once a Boletaelectrónica SIIis purchased online it cannot be cancelled.

Another advantage to purchasing your tickets online is that you will receive a confirmation email containing all of the information about your flight including flight information, time of arrival, where to board and to what destination. This email can be printed out and used to access the ticket online. Many people find it easier to read the fine print on an electronic ticket than they do a hard copy of it.

Most people are comfortable with the convenience of electronic tickets. They have lower costs and they are easier to use than paper tickets. However, there are some people who prefer paper tickets. For these people, there are now websites that offer printed copies of airline tickets at a discounted price. These sites also provide information on how to cancel or change your ticket online. Most airlines now offer online access to their website so you can purchase your tickets online. See video, visit

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